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Colombia amazes and astonishes for its impressive diversity. From its plants, animals, landscapes, and people. Colombians are truly joyful people, and like to party and enjoy life. This in essence is why Colombia is full of festivals, carnivals, and fairs. There are about 200 festivals and events annually, ranging from small village festivals to internationally recognized events.

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Guatapé boasts several attractions that make this a unique destination: a reservoir with emerald green waters, a stone of 220 meters and colorful facades embellishing all the houses. This municipality is in eastern Antioquia, located an hour and a half from Medellin, travelers from all over the world walk through its stoned streets. As travalers parade through the town they observe the walls of the houses, adorned with paitings that tell stories of the town and its people: religion, peasants, and the first settlers. In the 1970s, Guatapé was chosen by the Government of Antioquia to be the location where the dam would be built.

The dam now generates hydroelectric power for all of Antioquia, It was necessary to flood much of the municipality for the Dam to be completed. The reservoir has more than 2,200 hectares, which make up a beautiful landscape where huge lakes slip between the mountains. with warm weather of 21 degrees Celsius throughout the year, this town becomes the ideal place to enjoy outdoor adventures and water activities like kayaking and riding jet skies.  In addition, you can go rock climbing, mountain biking and horseback riding. An unmissable plan is to climb the Peñol rock. There are many legends that have been told about its origin.

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Santa Fé de Antioquia

“One of the best villages around Medellín”

Santa Fe de Antioquia, a town located approximately an hour northwest of Medellín, is renowned for its stunning colonial architecture–some of the best preserved in all of Colombia. Santa Fe is a popular destination for both paisas and foreigners looking for a break from city life for the weekend or even just the day. It was also named one of the Best towns Around Medellín.

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